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Learning and Teaching in Computing and Engineering (LaTICE) Conference 2018

20th April - 22nd April


Now that the dust has settled on a very successful LaTiCE 2018 conference weekend, we would just like to thank the team at Events for the excellent service and food over the course of the conference.  It helped fuel some great conversations!

I know that many of our overseas guests were very impressed by the food, and there has been lots of Facebook envy from their friends!

In particular Ajit did a great job of making sure things ran smoothly on site and was a gracious and helpful host.

So your team have done a great job of showcasing AUT as a global conference venue.  Well done and thank you!

 Tony Clear
Associate Dean
Research - Design and Creative Technology

International Gambling Conference 2018

12th February - 14th February

We are writing to express our gratitude for the outstanding job Glen Bailey did in ensuring that the recent Internation Gambling Conference ran smoothly.

The biennial conference has been held at AUT since 2014 and is a significant event for the whole event sector, locally and internationally. As with any conference, there is a considerable amount of work that goes into planning and resourcing of an event this size. This year was particularly challenging as we didn't have a project manager so we relied on Glen to cover many of those additional tasks.

For this particular conference, securing accommodation options was extremely challenging but Glen aqain showed his outstanding skills in finding available rooms.

Several delegates commented that the conference was well organised and the venue was also praised. Some even described it as "the best IGC yet".

We are delighted with the positive feedback we have received and the success of IGC 2018.On behalf of the conference committee, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Glen for the big part he played in success.

Maria Bellringer
Associate Director
Gambling and Addictions Research
Auckland University of Technology

Andree Froude
Director Communications and Marketing
Centre Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ

Australasian Association for Theatre,
Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) Conference

27th June - 30th June 2017


Allow me to express my gratitude for your tremendous contribution to this year’s Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies (ADSA) conference (27-30 June). It’s hard to imagine how little we knew of what we were getting into when we began the journey over a year ago. You’ve kept us steady-on throughout, not simply managing the logistics and holding the budget, turning them from hugely daunting prospects into ordinary business, but also helping us to sustain the integrity of the event.

Sharon Mazer
Associate Professor
Theatre & Performance, Design & Creative Technologies Faculty Office (DX)

28th New Zealand Conference on Microscopy

31st January - 03 rd February 2017


I would like to commend AUT Hospitality Services and in particular Glen Bailey for their efforts in ensuring that our Microscopy Conference held last week was very successful and ran very smoothly.  I have had several comments from delegates noting how much they enjoyed the meeting; what great facilities we had for presentations, the trade displays and general mingling, and how much they enjoyed the food.  Credit and thanks must go to all those involved.

However, our biggest debt of gratitude must go to Glen: who has supported us through the process with great professionalism, calmness and approachability; who has taken care of so many of the administrative tasks that plague any undertaking such as this; and finally who was always there when we needed him.  His abilities are a wonderful asset for you to have.

I would have no hesitation in recommending both Glen and AUT Hospitality Services for anyone wishing to organise such a conference in the future.

Ian Hallett
Convener - Microscopy 2017
Senior Scientist
Plant & Food Research

Auckland 2016 Youth Sailing World Championship

10th December - 21st December 2016


I would like to thank AUT Hospitality Services for the amazing job you did for catering the whole event and hosting the Closing Ceremony for the 2016 AON Youth Sailing World Championships.

We had over 600 sailors and Coaches from 64 countries, all with different food requirements and you handled it a breeze. Nothing was an issue and you just got on and altered the food as the requests came in. We also wanted to trial a lunch ordering system, so each person could choose their own lunch. Again this was no issue for you and was easily handled by your team. This was much appreciated by all the competitors who have such different food requirements.

Being a sailing event, we required so much flexibility in timing, due to the variability of wind conditions. Again this was taken in your stride and dealt with so easily meaning as an organiser we didn’t need to worry about anything to do with catering. We could just send a quick text or email explaining what was happening on the water and you dealt with everything at your end.

For the Closing Ceremony/Prizegiving, you convinced us that the atrium was the right place to hold such an important part of our event. You were correct. It was an amazing venue for us. The four levels gave everyone a great viewing area and Jack with his AV team were more than amazing. They took on all the requirements from international media plus the event organisers and worked to produce a World Class event, with very little lead in time. The food for 800 people had excellent reviews as did the relaxed but still sophisticated atmosphere of the venue. The security dealt with 600 teenagers really well, and handled any issues quickly and subtly, making sure the event was a huge success. It was definitely an excellent choice of venue.

Thank you for all your time and effort you put into the event.

Peter Dawson
Event Director

Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association Conference 2016 (ANZSSA)

5th December - 7th December 2016


Congratulations to you and your team for delivering an outstanding event experience. I have attended many conferences both as a delegate and an exhibitor, at universities and convention centres so I speak from experience.

Thank you for organising the booth, and all my resources in a very cooperative manner. The music throughout the event really made everything more enjoyable too. This was a good addition to the event, that I haven’t seen done before.

The catering staff have done an outstanding job, from the quality of the food to the great customer service experience including clearing plates and cups with the speed of light, keeping an eye on supplies and offering help wherever they could see an opportunity. And all of this delivered with a smile! Your team delivered a highly professional service and made us feel welcome and valued.

Margo Bass
Director Australia, Warwick Employment Group

Paramedics Australasia International Conference

17th November - 19th November 2016


On behalf of the Organising Committee I would like to thank you for all your support and assistance with making our 2016 Paramedics Australasia International Conference (PAIC) a huge success. As you know this is usually convened in Australia so we were very much ‘on show’ both as AUT and as New Zealanders. I am happy to report that all the feedback has been extremely complimentary. Specific comments addressed the quality and aesthetics of the conference facilities, the helpfulness of the staff and the general ‘can-do attitude’ if any complexity was encountered. The delegates from around New Zealand and from Australia have left saying that this was the best PAIC yet and we are very proud to have been able to host a conference with such a high level of delegate satisfaction.

Bronwyn Tunnage
Conference Committee Member
Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine
Auckland University of Technology

4th World Journalism Education Congress

14th July - 16th July 2016


I am the UNESCO commissioner associated with that organisation's sponsorship of the WJECongress held over the past few days in Auckland.

The congress has been excellent on many levels.

But I particularly wanted to acknowledge the hospitality conference team whose organisation throughout the period leading up to the event,   and leadership during it,  has been simply exceptional.   Glen in particular has been outstanding and his professionalism is both a credit to him and to AUT.   It is no small feat to pick up a project half way through as he did,  and to manage it so consummately.   And to maintain that level of performance over long days , managing people from different countries and nationalities with many demands.

Can I also say that the quality of food and beverage,  the service provided, the technical support and the quality of the young people who looked after all the conference delegates was simply wonderful.  They are deserving of much praise and thanks.

I do so here.  I hope you will pass on these comments to all concerned, with our appreciation.

Congratulations to you and your team on managing this excellent event - you should be very proud.


Trish Carter
New Zealand National Commission UNESCO

New Zealand Association for Economists Conference (NZAE)

29th June - 1st July 2016

My deepest gratitude to your excellent work and coordination that leads to the smooth running and success of NZAE. All comments we heard from delegates are all extremely positive. The food was excellent, so please do pass this message along to other staff who helped and worked in the background! (This is not vain praise; last year our conference was held in a Wellington venue and the catering service was horrible in many ways.)

I myself will be the convenor for NZAE 2018. There’s strong support from delegates (and myself) to come back to AUT. I personally very much wish to work with you again in 2018 once we confirm the venue (later this year)!

Many thanks for your help as always,

Lydia Pik Yi Cheung
Lecturer, Economics
Auckland University of Technology

Official Visit of Indian President to New Zealand at AUT

2nd May 2016

To you all

We just wanted to ensure that you received a very big thank you from VCO for the substantial effort you made in ensuring that the visit to AUT by the Indian President was a meaningful ( in terms of the opportunity this provided for him to meet with Indian students in NZ)  and successful event.

We very much appreciate the effort it takes to organise these kind of events and you did it exceedingly well.

Thank you very much.

Elizabeth Kitto|
Visits and Events Organiser
Visits and Ceremonial Office
The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua

International Maori Student Event

5th March 2016

Kia ora Simone,

Now that our event has well and truly ended and we are back to normality in our department, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and your team for the outstanding work you showed in ensuring our dinner  event with the 30th International Student Noho Marae was a success.  Indeed it was a success and we are really happy about the way in which you conducted yourselves.

Simone, you administered the organising of our event with professionalism and understanding.  You made us feel that we were in control of our event and assisted us all the way – right up until our event started.  Your advice and product knowledge was what we were looking for and your suggestions regarding the decorations were helpful and were exactly what we envisioned.  Thank you for your patience as we did spend a lot of time and energy going back and forth with emails as I kept changing what we ordered.  You showed tremendous patience through this and I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for also being flexible pertaining to the ordering of extra items such as the lamb on a spit and purchasing of oysters in half shell.

I would also like to express my thanks to Jon and his catering team for such an outstanding job in the preparation, the cooking and service of our dinner on the Saturday night – a job well done!  All the waiters and waitresses were so professional and ready to help at a moment's notice.

We had such a wonderful night that our VIP guests are still echoing praise about how well everything went and how much they all enjoyed the whole dinner experience.  This is why we had asked the dinner crew to come out and receive our thanks by the whole venue showing their appreciation through singing a song to them.

Once again thank you.  In the future, I will be sure to recommend your services to others in and out of the University.

Kia ora

Jason King
Waikato, Ngāti Mahuta ki te Hauāuru, Tahaaroa.
Senior Lecturer
Te Ara Poutama
Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development
Auckland University of Technology

Symposium on Second Language Writing

19th November 2015

"I'm a delegate here with the SSLW conference, and I just wanted to write a note to say how very impressive the catering has been. The food has been absolutely phenomenal, and Jon and his team have been very much on top of things, and professional in every respect. As a vegan, my dietary needs have never been so thoughtfully catered to; I'm truly grateful not to have been left out of the culinary delights of the event. I would attend another event at this university just for the pleasure of eating here".

Thank you for such excellent food and service.

Jill Boggs
University of Oxford